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Welcome to the web site. You are about to embark on a powerful journey of KNOWLEDGE... one that will possibly drastically improve your life, and the lives of family or friends.

I know what it is like to feel overwhelmed and confused by the health claims of so many products - many of which are incredibly expensive, or require that you become part of a multi-level marketing network. You may wonder why it's become so complicated and frustrating to achieve a natural state opf radiant health and well-being! If you've been dreaming of a simple and inexpensive solution for long-lasting health, vitality, and peace of mind, you’ve arrived at the right place!

After many years, and countless hours of research, I've finally discovered the answer to your prayers. It's NOT something new and improved, but an ancient science that's been passed on from one culture to the next throughout history. You'll be completely surprised by it's simplicity and effectiveness. I've compiled everything you need to know - including the amazing history - within this one Ebook.

I challenge you to take charge of your own health and well-being. Sunlight is truly indispensable to our good health and peace of mind. Many people hide from the sun and deny themselves of the sun’s healing powers. They fear the sun’s damaging ultra-violet rays. History tells us the human race evolved and thrived under the light and energy of the sun.

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Within 6 Months (Page 54).

Energy Is High & Hunger Disappears
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And After 9 Months, Your Sun Gazing
Program Ceases… You Are Radiantly Alive,
And Peace And Clarity Pervade Your
Consciousness (page 56).

Humans have used light for healing since before the time of ancient Egypt. This book explains the therapeutic benefits of sunlight and reveals the evidence that sunlight is far more beneficial than we realize. Take note of the subtitle of our book, because your passageway into Sun Gazing will allow you to actually change the neural pathways in the brain. For those seeking improvements only in your health, be aware that there is SO much more awaiting you!

Testimonial From A Sun Gazer —
Freedom Is The Most Important Thing

Do I ever eat meals? No. Do I need to eat? No. Am I totally rigid? No. Am I free to choose without fear? Yes. To me freedom is the most important thing, real freedom of choice not rigidity or discipline without joy, just freedom. Being free from the idea that we need to eat food to live is an incredibly liberating experience to have actually chosen and the personal and global benefits are amazing. No more disease. No more slaughter of animals and huge benefits ecologically and environmentally. Billions of dollars that could be redirected to social welfare, housing, holistic education, and job creation — to me, living on light is simply a very civilized alternative.

Jasmuheen, LIVING ON LIGHT, Esotera Magazine, Cosmic Internet Academy, Berlin


Please note that we are NOT doctors, therapists, or even certified alternative health care technicians. Any information you discover here on this site, or in our Ebook — Sungazing — Living On Light: Ancient Secrets Revealed For Increased Health, Longevity, And Spiritual Well-Being — should be used only with the guidance of your own physician. In fact, my recommendations in the book are that you begin with your doctor’s assessment of your current state of health, so that you have a base for improvement once you begin your Sun Gazing journey.

When I Show You How To Do This,
How Many Sunrises Or Sunsets
Will You Want To Miss?
We Think NONE! ZERO, Nada, Zilch !!

Sun gazers from around the world will attest to the benefits the practice has given them. Keep this book handy if you are interested in using the sun’s energy to improve your health. This book is a treasure house of useful information on the benefits of sunlight.

Many sun gazers who are committed to the practice aspire toward achieving spiritual enlightenment. Others seek healing for the mind and body. Brief exposure to sunshine may help ward off debilitating and deadly diseases such as osteoporosis, hypertension, depression, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, breast cancer, prostate cancer, and colon cancer.

You’ve Heard It Said:
“In This World, Nothing Can Be Said To Be Certain, Except Death And Taxes.” (Benjamin Franklin)

WRONG! Add To That, “The Sun Will Always Rise!”

Remember Y2K? What did we learn at the dawning of year 2000, the birth of a new millennium? We learned that no matter what else happens, the sun will still rise and birds will sing. The lights stayed on, the banking system didn’t collapse, massive, worldwide computer failure did not happen (nor electric, communications, or otherwise). We were not cast into some primeval darkness, and the world went about its business, just as before.

We learned that the SUN — this powerful, magnetic force — is dependable, trustable, and without fail, it rises in the east, every single, glorious morning.

“Let me give you an exercise that will help. Close your eyes and imagine you are standing on the top of a mountain before dawn when it is the darkest and not a glimmer of dawn shows in the east. Now ask yourself if you believe without doubt that the sun will rise in the east. As soon as you ask that question answer it in your mind and probe and perceive if there is any doubt in your mind that the sun will rise. The darkest night gives way to the bright morning sun and you can know that to be true.”

With tongue in cheek, this “dependability factor” has NOT gone unnoticed by humanity since we all began. No matter the religion, culture, time period, or evolution theory, the Sun has been a part of the “daily stuff,” the things that humans rely on. In some cultures, the Sun WAS God. The sun was ALL; it was everything. Here in the pages of this Ebook, you will find that the Sun truly is your companion, and ultimately, your means toward healing, peace, and toward taking control of your life.

“Thou art, O Sun, the eye of the universe. Thou art the soul of all corporeal existences. Thou art the origin of all things. Life is only one long ecstasy of thy journeyings, and men have forgotten it.”

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Let Me Show You Some Of The Things
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This is 108 pages of jam-packed info, designed to help you be prepared with a scenario of PREVENTION, instead of madly attempting to find a magical cure, once crises enter your life. Sun Gazing and the changes you will experience will change the way you view things, and the way you deal with stressful situations. The bonus package provides even further references and advice, for a total of near 200 pages. This is an incredible package at an even more incredible price! (Take a moment to scroll down, by hitting this link, so you know just HOW incredible this price is!)

Seeking Spiritual Enlightenment (Page 6)

*      Sun exposure versus sun deprivation (page 7)

*      History of Sun Gazing — A large and comprehensive section! (page 9)

*      A visible symbol of the creative power (page 9)

*      The human need for grounding (page 9)

*      The quest for more Sun, the source of all life, Hymns at sunrise, adoration at eventide (page 12)

*      Great King Akhnaton and scientific understanding of the Sun (page 13)

*      Capture the miraculous healing powers of the Sun through Suryayog
(page 14)

*      The amazing power to heal (page 16)

*      Concentrating the Sun’s rays — power to raise the dead (page 16)

*      The Sun — the store house of inexhaustible power and radiance (page 17)

*      The history of Sun Gazing and the Jewish people (page 22)

*      Jesus preached Sun Gazing (page 24)

*      Other global areas with Sun worship, Sun practices, and Sun Gazing (Inca,; Native American — Lakota Tribe And Sun Gazing; Southwestern Native Americans — The Sun, The Almighty; Scotland, Celtic and Gaelic Religions (pages 25-31)

You Need This Information NOW!

Peace... is the overall feeling of being one with everything, and breaking the boundaries which separate us from others... let go of your life of worldly affairs, piece by piece, and become that bright creation that you envision in your mind, because you can do it! (page 83).

What Should You Expect When
Listening To The Masters? (page 32)

Develop a better understanding of how the Sun can be used to heal the mind, body, and spirit — as demonstrated by Hira Ratan Manek (HRM), who has not eaten solid food for over 7 years.

*      Solar empowering: Nutrition & nurturing (page 32)

*      Crises occur due to lack of use of Sun energy (page 34)

*      Taos Pueblo Tribe, Southwestern USA: Carl Jung In “Memories, Dreams and Reflections” (page 35)

*      Sunlight as treatment in battling disease, in 1903! (page 38)

*      Inhale your nutrients (page 38)

*      The Sun’s cosmic energy rays touched his body (page 39)

Getting Into The Light In Everyday Life! (page 41)

*      The safe hours are during the one-hour window after sunrise or during the one-hour window before sunset. It has been proven scientifically, beyond a reasonable measure of doubt, that during these time periods, one will not experience UV and IR rays exposure, which is harmful to your eyes
(page 50)

*      Always stand on bare earth with bare feet (page 50)

*      Sun Gazing : From 0 - 3 months : achieve perfect balance of mind
(page 50)

*      Sun Gazing : From 3 - 6 months : you are your own master within
6 months (page 53)

*      Sun Gazing : From 6 - 9 months : Energy is high, hunger disappears forever (page 55)

*      Sun Gazing : After 9 months : Sun Gazing ceases, walk And relax, nurture The 3rd Eye (page 56)

*      When you walk bare foot, an important gland in the brain’s center called the pineal gland or the third eye is activated. The big toe of the foot represents this gland. It has always been known as the seat of the soul. The Pineal gland has optic nerve endings (page 56)

*      Relax. Walk 45 minutes per day, for one year and food continues to be not necessary for you (page 57)

*      Find peaceful cures for mental tension, personal frustration, fear, grief, irritability, and anger (page 58)

Sunbathing And Health (page 59)

In your thought, with your imagination, try to draw some of these divine particles [of the Sun] into yourself. In this way, little by little, you will completely regenerate all the materials of your being. Thanks to the Sun, you will think and act as a child of God (page 58).

*      Sunbathing helps heal almost everything (page 60)

*      Fasting and Sun Gazing (page 61)

*      Detoxification: Allow your body to use its own wisdom (page 62)

*      When fasting, people experience revitalization at a rate that is much quicker than normal (page 62)

*      It is certainly liberating to discover that if we let go and trust, we will be taken care of... our bodies become our guides. Fasting is the simplest, easiest, and most efficient method for finding out that we really do have the freedom and power take control of our bodies, and to heal (page 63)

*      It is during a fast that a metamorphosis takes place. The body goes through a tearing down and rejuvenation of damaged materials. Because of this, fasting is legendary for its capacity for rejuvenating and giving the body a more youthful quality (page 64)

Sun And Soul — Sun-Related Exercises
For Your Health (page 66)

*      Awakening the Sun within — Hollow Earth Model (page 66)

*      The relationship between the Sun and individual souls (page 69)

Health, Well-Being... These Are A Bit Like Warfare!
Come Out Of Your Foxhole And FIGHT

So, What Can I, As A Common Person, Actually DO With Sun Gazing?

High stress levels of modern society are now unpleasant facts that we are going to have to learn to live with, but from the stance of becoming more knowledgeable in how we treat others and ourselves. Yes, we will have to become skilled at protecting others as well as ourselves. This means your family, your children, your friends... and ultimately, all of those around you. There is a necessity for continuing education. You can be a part of bringing health and vitality to those around you! Our Ebook is an excellent place to begin! Do yourselves a good turn — perhaps one of the largest favors of your life — and purchase this authoritative Sun Gazing Ebook!

The Immune System —
Your Body’s Defense Against Disease (page 71)

*      Fatigue and full spectrum light (page 71)

*      Exposure to sunlight raises insulin level and lowers blood sugar. Sunlight entering the eyes provides a counterbalance to blood sugar lowering effect of sunlight hitting the skin (page 71)

*      The Sun Gazing Guru, HRM, sleeps for a couple of hours per day and feels little or no fatigue (page 71)

Have You Studied In To Sun Gazing, Figured It Was More Myth Than Truth? Think Again, As This Is Powerful Advice!

For your own safety’s sake, always study into the advice and information given to you. Even with our Ebook, please scrutinize our resources. We’ve provided a “one stop shop” for information. Much of this info is on the Internet, but it is not in one concise place... the power of our book is that you can get a jumpstart on information, all in one place. Purchase it today!

Testimonial From A Sun Gazer —
Don't Reject An Unusual Claim Without Even Making Any Effort To Understand It

Concerning HRM...The claim is beyond the present understanding of medical science. But even to reject a claim, the science needs a proof... And he was investigated by a reputed [professor] at U.Penn (USA) under funding of NASA and a medical doctor team (24/7) for over 100 days. When I was with him for three days, I did not see him eating anything... Also, there are a few people in US that have reached the non-eating stage. A lot of research grants have been applied to NIH, NASA and other funding organizations to understand the phenomena. But as usual, most research is funded or influenced by big [pharmaceutical companies] and most people reject an unusual claim without even making any effort to understand it. I know that looking at sun directly during the safe period (first hour of sunrise or last hour of sunset, when UV index is below 2), there is no harm to the eyes...


From Forum member at


Vitamin D Deficiencies And
Light Therapy (page 73)

The ancient civilizations worshiped the sun and used the sun’s energy to heal their bodies. As we get closer to the modern civilization, we see individuals who do not get enough sunlight. Some of the people work in environments where sunlight is absent. Others stay out of sunlight for fear of developing cancer. (page 72)

*      Sunlight — your free source of Vitamin D, and what is better than free? (page 73)

*      Who is at risk of Vitamin D deficiency? (page 73)

*      Why skin pigmentation makes African Americans and Hispanics especially susceptible to vitamin D deficiencies (page 76)

*      The Vitamin D factor in disease vs. health (page 74)

*      Vitamin D and the reduction of cancer (page 78)

*      Activated vitamin D is one of the most potent inhibitors of cancer cell growth (page 72)

*      Sunshine is a significant source of vitamin D. The body can produce vitamin D after exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun (page 73)

*      Americans age 50 and older are believed to be at increased risk of developing vitamin D deficiency (page 74)

*      Vitamin D deficiency is epidemic throughout the entire United States, through all age groups (page 74)

*      How vitamin D deficiencies cause prostate cancer, breast cancer, cervical cancer, osteoporosis, rickets and other diseases (page 76)

*      The true cause of asthma (page 76)

*      A simple, five-second test that reveals whether you’re suffering from severe vitamin D deficiency (page 77)

*      A complete list of diseases and disorders caused by vitamin D deficiencies
(page 77)

*      It also is not known just how much or how little sunlight is needed to replenish stores of vitamin D. The answer varies depending on the season, a person’s skin color (the process takes longer for people with darker skin), a person’s distance from the equator, and clothing (page 79)

*      Bone health, osteoporosis and Vitamin D (page 79)

*      It has been estimated that over 25 million adults in the U.S.A. have, or are in jeopardy of developing, osteoporosis (page 79)

Your Inner Self –
This Is Your Brain On Sunshine!

*      What is the vision that drives HRM to lecture all around the world?
(page 80)

*      Discipline, peace, and charity — I’m a changed person (page 82)

*      The Lakota Sun Dance: An example of personal sacrifice for the spirit
(page 84)

*      The source of all brightness & love (page 86)

*      I wonder what a full person is? (page 87)

*      The development of the spiritual side (page 89)

Okay... Why Should You Buy
Our Book on Sun Gazing?

This product is the result of much research and study. We feel it gives you the best overall review of resources and truthful content, available on the Internet. But that is just for starters!

There is a lot more to our package than just the Sun Gazing Ebook. Keep reading to find out the details of our Super Sun Gazing Info Pack of absolutely free tools that will help in your InfoSearch! Altogether, we have a whopping big FIVE bonus Ebooks that will be of immense help to you!

Take A Look At What You Get, Along With The Ebook


Living on Sunlight —
2nd Edition
, by Vina Parma


Vina Parma has graciously collected a wide variety of information about sungazing, and compiled what many consider to be the best reference on sungazing available today. It contains many references to Hira Manek, to Yogananda, and to sungazing insights from around the world.



The Healing Power of Sunlight
and Vitamin D


An exclusive interview with Dr. Michael Holick, the world's foremost authority on vitamin D and the healing power of natural sunlight. In this interview, Dr. Holick reveals fascinating facts on how vitamin D is created and used in the human body to ward off chronic diseases. This is one of the most eye-opening interviews you'll ever read on health.



The Story of Giri Bala


The story of Giri Bala was told to Yogananda when he met with her when she was 68. At that time, she had not eaten nor taken fluids for over 56 years. Still living the life of a humble and simple villager, she had in her early years as rumor spread, been taken to the palace of the leader of her province. There she was kept under strict observation and eventually ‘released’ with the sanction that yes she did exist purely on Light.



Life Style Without Food
by Joachim M. Werdin


In the case of a person addicted to eating, the body symptoms are the same as those occurring in case of a person addicted to alcohol, cigarettes, or drugs. This is one of the clinical [proofs] confirming that eating is kind of an addiction of man... Eating as an addict (living with the addiction to food) is one of the main factors why the body of an ordinary terrestrial withstands less [than] a hundred years, often being ill, and aging during [their] whole life.



The Honest Food Guide


Okay! Until you are up to the non-eating level – at least eat healthy foods! This guide is a replacement for the USDA's dysfunctional Food Guide Pyramid. Find out which foods promote disease vs. foods that promote health. Genuine nutritional information, not watered-down info designed to boost the sale of milk, beef, and grains.


What Are You Waiting For?
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This Book Is All About The Creator And
Sustainer Of Life On This Planet — The Sun

As you will see in the pages of this Ebook, Sun Gazing is a walk, a journey, through establishing relationship with the being that has been core to all life on this planet. The gift of SUNLIGHT becomes perhaps the most important element in your life, when you seek answers through the procedures of Sun Gazing. More than a mantra, more than a prayer... Sun Gazing opens a door to intimate knowledge of universal truths.

“Light is the bloom of holiness. Light is the vibration of infinite energy, infinitely expressing itself. Light is Love. Light is the eternal in the atom of this moment. In all the world there is only you. Shine.” This captivating selection is from the Ebook... an overwhelming writing by Eric Ashford.

This book will let your heart shine. It will make your morning, noon, and night shine. Light drives out all shadows. You will never be the same... and don’t forget, it is JUST that reason that brought you here to our site! You deserve all the wonderful life changes that are coming to you, by reading

Sungazing — Living On Light: Ancient Secrets Revealed For Increased Health, Longevity, And Spiritual Well-Being

“Rise and forget, in the bright sunlight, the ugly dreams that frightened you so when all was dark... rise and enjoy another happy day, first kneeling to thank that unseen Friend who sends you the beautiful sun.”
(Lewis Carroll, Easter 1876)

Are You Ready To Purchase
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What brought you here today? Let me ask some questions. One or more of these may fit your search, your goal.

*      Have you read or studied online resources concerning depression? How many of these statistics simply show that many people are not in control of their own lives? How is your level of serotonin today? Sun Gazing is the key.

Testimonial From A Sun Gazer —
Sunlight Is The Catalyst

...Very true, our Bodies make the change, Sunlight is the catalyst. I do believe there may be healing properties involved however. We may not yet know the extent of the healing properties of the vitamins such as D that are produced in the reaction. Sunlight also increases levels of serotonin, which produces a “happier” state of mind.


More sun = less depression, higher state of well being.

Forum member at


*      How good is your general health? “The times they are a’changin’,” roared Bob Dylan in the 1960s... and if anything, that has only escalated. Did you come here to find answers to the onslaught of new diseases, and to find out what you can do? Please take a moment and research the disease MRSA... and the most current one hitting the media, Avian Flu. The time is NOW... and our Ebook on Sun Gazing will be part of your armor.

*      We’ve already explored the many diseases that give way with a dedicated program of Sun Gazing. Please take a moment to scroll through this page and refresh your memory... we are 98% sure that your situation is addressed in our Ebook. Stop the game of Health Roulette! Purchase this book today, and get started on the journey to higher levels of health, and astounding changes in your level of enlightenment!

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This incredible, comprehensive package is your combined tool for effectively beginning a journey with Sun Gazing. The five bonus Ebooks in our bonus pack are invaluable information. The other resources are in public domain but hidden to most except those very adept at research. We’ve saved you countless hours of hunting and pecking on the Internet, and the frustration of not finding the right tools.

Our Ebook is... just...


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Take care and I wish you peace and spectacular health.

Greg Aurand, President/Creative Counterparts

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PPS Don't worry about compatibility with PC or Mac ... PDF is a global standard, and all you need for any platform is the Adobe Acrobat Reader. Your Thank You Email will include a link to this free software.

PPPS If you've ever struggled with weight issues, you will be thrilled to know that one of the amazing side-benefits to sungazing is a significant reduction in appetite and cravings for sweets and unhealthy foods. I was astounded to discover how little my body craved food once I began routinely sungazing. Who'd have guessed that healthy doses of sunlight are a natual appetite suppressant? Imagine that - NO MORE crazy diets!

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